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SIDESHOW 9 is Coming May 9 & 10!


Important Dates

March 21 - Applications Due!

April 4 - Crafty-Con

April 5 - Art installation begins

April 11 to May 2- Indiegogo Fundraiser

April 26 - Sideshow Benefit at Canal Public House

April 30 - Last day to install

May 2 - Preview Show

May 9 & 10 - Sideshow!

What is the Sideshow?
Little did we know in 2006 that the Sideshow would become a Dayton fixture. It started with a simple idea to throw an Art Show that was free for the community. Soon that first event evolved into a variety of artists working together to build an event bigger and more magnificent than any of them could build on their own. Those two themes still guide the Sideshow today.

What can you expect to see at a Sideshow - Anything and Everything! Each year is different - new artists exhibiting for the first time, established artists debuting new work, live music, performance, and somethings we can't even predict. It's a two day celebration of the art of Dayton!

Even better, if you are an artist, musician, or just a lover of the arts - You can participate! The Sideshow is an event run by volunteers and created by the artists and musicians who chose to exhibit their work. We encourage anyone to apply! Deadline for applying to this year's show is March 21, 2014.

Sideshow 2014
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Sideshow Fundraising Shows
A reality of the Sideshow is that it takes money to put on - money to buy building supplies, money to rent porta-johns, money to hire the soundman, money to put out a great food spread, and a number of other expenses. We would love if we could do the show entirely for free, but our true goal is to put on a great show that doesn't end up costing us money to present.

One way we help achieve this goal is to have a very fun and entertaining fundraising shows before the Sideshow - for the price of admission, you will get a full evening of excitement and intrigue - and you will help fund one of the best celebrations Dayton has to offer! Do your part and bring everyone you know!
April 4th - 5pm to 10pm at The Yellow Cab Building

We are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Dayton Crafty-Con! Crafty-Con will feature many craft venors that will demonstrate their craft while vending.

To learn more about Crafty-Con please visit the Facebook page!

Benefit for Sideshow 9
April 26th - 9pm at Canal Public House

3 of Dayton's Best perform at the Canal Public House to Benefit Sideshow 9

9:00 PM - Trey Stone & the Ringers
10:30 PM - Todd the Fox

12:00 PM - Tim Gebard & the Hitmen

$9 cover - 308 E 1st St Dayton, OH

Preview Party
May 2th - 8pm to Midnight at The Yellow Cab Building
Get a sneek-peek of Sideshow 9 art and help support this great event!

$5 donation - 700 E 4th St Dayton, OH
Donate Online to help make Sideshow 9 happen! And get some great perks!

Click here to donate

The Sideshow is a Dayton Circus Creativity Collective event.
If you would like to learn more about the Dayton Circus and The Sideshow make sure to like our pages on Facebook for the most up-to-date information on our doings!
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