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I think Laurana Wong, The Sideshow Originator, describes the show the best: "The Sideshow is a community driven event. We are a diverse group of individuals who wish to express ourselves to the Dayton Metro area. There will be no monetary gain from this endevor. The gains will be found in personal growth and human connection. The show will be supported soley by members of our community."

In short, if you participate in this show your experience will depend entirely on how much you contribute. You see, this is a show where not only do you hang your work, but you help create the entire environment surrounding your art. We hope that as you participate, you will make new friends and connections and even tackle projects you weren't certain you could handle - you will be suprised how much you can do. And most of all, we hope it will be fun - The Sideshow is a celebration of Art in Dayton!

We have very few rules for artists and art. The first being if you are showing art, you must do some volunteer time towards the show (before, during, or after) there are plenty of opportunities and needs. Second, no price tags on your art work - this is not an art show for selling work, just showing and celebrating art. That said, we encourage you to have business cards and contact information with your artwork, and we encourage you to be present and talk with people about your work at the show. If somebody is interested in buying your work, by all means make arrangements for that to happen after the show. Artwork must be in place for both nights of the Sideshow (and should be in place by the pre-announced deadlines leading up to the show). Kids of all ages come to this show, so if you are doing something controversial, please check with us... most likely you will be allowed to display it, but we want to make sure it is properly labeled or shielded from the younger set. If you are showing work at Garden Station, everything should be PG rated. Those are the most basic guidelines, I'm certain there are some that I have forgotten, but we will let you know. Get your work in on time, come help create the show, and most of all have fun!

Participating Artist Bios and Work Samples
This website is an ongoing work in progress seeking to document The Sideshow. As time allows, we will add artist bios and work samples to this area for both the current and past Sideshows. Until we are able to do that, I encourage you to look at the photos from past Sideshows to get an idea of what great artists have participated. Follow the links below:
Photographs from Previous Sideshows
Sideshow 1 & 2 - 2006 & 2007 at The Cannery - 520 E. 3rd Street

The photos for the first two shows are grouped together because it is hard to distinguish between the two shows. I'm also certain there are a lot more photos available for these shows and they will be added when found.
Sideshow 3 - 2008 at The Merc - E. Third Street

I was only able to locate a few photos for this show - more will be added as found.
link to sideshow 4 Sideshow 4 - 2009 at The Unicorn Bar - Jefferson Street

This show was held in an old, funky, empty bar space - Bellydancers, as evidenced by the photos, were one of many interesting acts to perform. Mayor Rhine McClin attended this show.
Sideshow 5 - 2010 at the Armory Building in the Oregon District
Before Shots

This Sideshow was probably the best documented of all the shows, at least in numbers of photographs. This show has been divided into three sections - before, during, and after. If you ever wondered what went into building a Sideshow, start here.
Sideshow 5 - 2010 at the Armory Building in the Oregon District
During Shots

For this Sideshow, we were limited by the Fire Marshall to only having 80 people inside at a time - as a result, we had a line to get in almost all night. But now you can see images of the show with no waiting!
Sideshow 5 - 2010 at the Armory Building in the Oregon District
After Shots

A rarely documented aspect of the Sideshow, this is what happens after a show - often times this is the most fun for the participants as we are quite spent but still reveling in the aftermath of a great art show.
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