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Frequently Asked Questions about the Sideshow

Do I have to volunteer to show my artwork? Can't I just hang it up?

Yes, and No, respectively. The Sideshow is a collaborative effort, and unless everyone pulls their weight, too much work ends up on the shoulders of too few people. Unlike a show at a nightclub or gallery, there is no one making any money by participating - our organizers each put in hundreds (collectively, thousands) of hours of work and raise thousands of dollars to make this possible, and they do it out of the love they have for our community and the passion they experience in helping you create. All they ask in return is that you help out by working the bar, cleaning up after the show, prepping the space for other artists, or helping out in some other way.

Doesn't my installation count as volunteering?

When you participate and get involved by volunteering, you're ultimately the one who benefits - by being a productive member of the community, making new friends, and making our world a better place to live and create in. Your installation wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for other artists volunteering to make The Sideshow possible - take a look around you and you'll see people sweeping the floors, making signs, installing electricity, helping each other out in a million other little ways. These are all artists brimming with passion about their work and their community, and just think - you could be one of them! We want you to have the opportunity to experience this, and that's why volunteering beyond your personal installation is mandatory. Notice the word opportunity - you have to create this experience for yourself, we're just here to help!

Do I get free beer for being a participant?

No. Participation does not entitle you to anything except the pride you take in your own participation. No matter how much you think you've done, there are at least ten people who have put waaaaay more time, effort and money into the show than you. They're not asking for, or getting, any special treatment. And they know better than to create a drain on the resources of the group by asking for free beers at the bar.

Why can't I put price tags on my work? If I'm going to be spending my valuable time and effort, not to mention money, setting up my own installation AND helping other people do theirs, shouldn't I be able to recoup those costs by selling my artwork?

The Sideshow is an explicitly non-commercial venture. There are no sponsors, no advertising, no admission fees, and no sales. You are free to put your information up with your work, and talk to anyone who stops by your installation, but actively soliciting sales is deeply frowned upon. If you don't like it, that's OK - we have lots of other events for you to participate in where selling your work is strongly encouraged.

I can't sale my work, but The Circus can sell food and drink? What gives?

We're selling food and making drinks available for donation in order for you to show your work. It helps offset the costs associated with furnishing space, getting supplies, renting a PA and lighting, among other miscellaneous expenses. We've never made a significant amount of money from this event. All proceeds will go into funding other collaborative ventures, such as The Yellow Cab Community Arts Building. You may sell your work (assumng that you abided by the last FAQ) but we ask that you please leave the work up until the completion of the show. We do not take commissions on your sales.

If you have any other questions, please write to us at

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