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I think Laurana Wong, The Sideshow Originator, describes the show the best: "The Sideshow is a community driven event. We are a diverse group of individuals who wish to express ourselves to the Dayton Metro area. There will be no monetary gain from this endevor. The gains will be found in personal growth and human connection. The show will be supported soley by members of our community."

In short, if you participate in this show your experience will depend entirely on how much you contribute. You see, this is a show where not only do you get up and play, but you help create the entire environment surrounding your art. We hope that as you participate, you will make new friends and connections and even tackle projects you weren't certain you could handle - you will be suprised how much you can do. And most of all, we hope it will be fun - The Sideshow is a celebration of Art in Dayton!

Like the visual artists, there are few rules for the musicians. We are limited in the number of musical acts we can take, primarily due to the limited stage time. This year we hope to have two main stages, operating about 6 hours for each of the two days. This means we have about 18 forty-five minute slots to fill on the stage. Once those slots are filled, we will try and work in other acts as we are able but make no promises. So rule number one, submit your application early! Once the schedule is set after (probably in mid-April) make note of your time and let us know if there are any conflicts, we should be able to juggle some. Other than that, we'd prefer no half-stacks on stage, just to help keep the stage volume at a reasonable level - we always have a good pa and you will have no trouble being heard. Once it gets closer to the show, you will receive more specific instructions.

Most all The Sideshow is about having a good time and putting on a great show. Always wanted to do a set in costume but were afraid to try it in a bar? Do it at the Sideshow. Ever wanted to show films with your music, or do a concept set? The Sideshow is a place to experiment. While a straight ahead set is always acceptable, we encourage everyone to push their boundries and try new things. Let us know what you are thinking and we will try and find a way to help you with it.
Musician and Performer Bios and Sample Work
This website is a work in progress and when time allows, we hope to build a collection of bios and sample work for all the musicians and performers that have presented work at the Sideshow. Check back often to see how it progresses.
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