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Volunteers at the Sideshow

Volunteers are the key to the Sideshow - without everyone's help, we could not build this magnificent machine. Participants (artists and musicians) are all asked to volunteer four hours of time toward the Sideshow, but the truth is, we will need many people to help pull this off. Volunteer duty can take many forms; helping keep the space open as the show is being set up; helping create advertising for the show; baking food for the night of the show; helping manage a stage at the show; working the bar at the show; being security at the show; helping clean up after the Sideshow. Some of it is mundane, some exciting, all of it is important.

We try and keep the requirements short - 4 hours is not a lot of time for a show that runs two days and takes about a month to put on. Our hope is that you will find your service fulfilling and make new friends and help strengthen the art community here in Dayton. The more involved you are, the more you will get out of the show - it is not just hanging art at a show, but an opportunity to build something greater than you could build on your own.

We are currently holding organizational meetings for the Sideshow 9 (see the important dates section on the home page for the next meeting date). At these meetings, we are constructing the framework that will support the Sideshow. People are picking where they want to help and teams are being built to carry out the plans. If you like the Sideshow and want to see it succeed, please attend these meetings and see how you can help.

If you have any questions about volunteering at the Sideshow, please contact us at

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